Adelaide 2019

67 new Fellows inducted in the City of Churches

The Playford Hotel in Adelaide, was host to what is probably one of the most successful induction ceremonies that the Academy has witnessed. Friday 3rd May marked the day where 160 Fellows, friends and guests attended the always-bracingly early breakfast induction ceremony for Region VIII of the PFA.

International President, Dr Cheri Newman, and CEO, Ms Loralie Lowder, joined Past Presidents, Drs Mark Sinclair and Rick Sawers, in welcoming over 60 seriously-impressive colleagues to Fellowship.

New Fellows of Pierre Fauchard Academy

Inducted in Adelaide were:

Mark D Bowman

Paul A Brunton

Jo-Anne Cherry

Dymphna J Cudmore

David J Curnow

Bob Cvetkovic

Nadia A Dobromilsky

Daniel S Farmer

Georges M Fast

Ashley D Freeman

Simon R Freezer

Mark N Galaz

William N Ha

Anne Harrison

Matthew S Hopcraft

Zheng Jay Hsing

Farid Kahn

Geoff M Knight

Rohan Krishnan

Harleen Kumar

Kenneth Lee

Trudy YH Lin

Kavita P Lobo

Steve C Mason

John M McIntyre AM

Elizabeth Anne Milford

Koe Ean Ong

Eleanore Owen

Evangelos V Papageorgiou

Eleanor J Parker

Alan R Reid

Michael J Rutherford

Gitika Sanghvi

Christopher R Sanzaro

Rob Shea

Warren Shnider

Axel Spahr

Gautam Sridhar

Suma Sukumar

Antonia P Surace

Monica E Thomson

Joshua S Tirrell

Erika Vinczer

Peter Waltham

Martin ES Webb

Judith Werner

Valerie Woodford

Benlee Yap

Keng Soon Yeoh

To view Inductee full bios, download a copy of the Breakfast Booklet here: 2019 Induction Breakfast Booklet

Inducted in absentia were:

Christopher Barker, Stephen Cottrell, Ivan Darby, Prashanth Dhanpal, Christopher Evans, Tom Januay, Russell Lain, Som-Ling Leung, Darryl Mercieca, Angie Nillson, and Jacinta Vu.


Dr Patrick Meaney.

Following the induction ceremony, PFA President Dr Patrick Meaney, thanked Fellows and guests for attending a very successful breakfast.






PFA Foundation Student Scholarships

Siong Sheng Eng and Chris Pazios.

The PFA is committed to recognizing leaders and supporting leadership development. To this end, the PFA Foundation provides student scholarships to each of the dental schools in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. The recipient from the University of Adelaide Dental School, Mr Siong Sheng Eng, received his award from Dr Chris Pazios, Section Head.







Emerging Lecturer’s Competition

The PFA, in conjunction with the ADA, provides support for the Emerging Lecturer competition. The Academy would like to thank Dr Alan Broughton, for ensuring that our talented new colleagues had the opportunity to be part of the main Congress schedule. Once again, the standard was extremely high and the PFA thanks the judging panel comprising Drs Karin Alexander, Cheri Newman, Stephen Liew and Deb Cockrell.  Drs Suman Bellur, Linda Gu, Shahrukh Khan, Jilen Patel and Emilija Ports were in contention and, after much deliberation, Jilen was awarded the 2019 Emerging Lecturer (with Dr Linda Gu receiving the encouragement award).

As readers may know, the Pierre Fauchard Academy (PFA) is an honorary dental association that was established in 1936. Fellowship of any of the 120 plus Sections of PFA is by invitation. Existing Fellows can nominate colleagues to any of the Section Heads; please contact Drs Susan Wise (Vic/Tas), Dr Greg Gee (WA), Dr Chris Pazios (SA/NT), Dr Andrew Thomson (Qld) or Dr Deb Cockrell (NSW/ACT) for further details.

Region VIII President and Section Heads.


Melbourne 2017

Successful Induction of New Fellows at Melbourne 2017

On Friday 19th May 2017, the Academy carried out a very successful meeting and Induction during the 37th ADA Congress in Melbourne.

The Academy enjoyed a magnificent attendance of more than 125 Fellows and Guests, that included the International President of the PFA, Dr Barry Feder and his wife Kristi, a Past-President of the International Board and current Treasurer, Dr Dan Castagna. Our own Rick Sawers AM was also in attendance as President-Elect of the International Board of Trustees. Rick received the PFA Award as retiring Section Chair for Region 8. We were pleased to host many special guests from Federal and State ADAs including Presidents and CEOs and of course our new Fellows.

Inducted in Melbourne were:

Dominic Aquad

John Boucher

Michael Burke

Steven Burlinson

Hanny Calache

Christopher Callaghan

Theresa Cook

Scott Cooper

Leonard Fabre

Andrew Gikas

Andrew Heap

Ioan Jones

Jayne Jones

Adam Keyes-Tilley

Errol Killov

Dean Licenblat

Stephen Liew

Poe Lim

Alan Mann

David Manton

Alan Nerwich

Colin O'Brien

Melanie Patney

Donna Richards

Jim Rushton

Tony Skapedis

Anthony Smerdon

Gary Smith

Anda Sorea

Sue Taji

Robyn Thomas

Aden Tran

Sam Verco

Catherine-Anne Walsh

Joe Wang

Jeff Ward

Susan Wise

To view Inductee full bios, download a copy of the Breakfast Booklet here: 2017 Breakfast Inductees

Inducted in absentia were:

Mario Alberghini, Andre Bendyk, Matthew Chan, Len Crocombe, Sam Gue, Geoff Harvey, Pavel Lapardin, Ben Lee, Nathan Louis, Karl Lyons, Alain Middleton, Greg Miller, Prashant Patel, Arthur Shizas, Glen Willey, Geoff Young

Special Appreciation Award

Ms Margie Steffens was on hand to receive the Academy Special Appreciation Award.
Margie was nominated by the South Australian Section for a Special Appreciation Award from the Academy. This Award is given by the President to a candidate in recognition for special services or contributions to the Academy or a Section. This award is given in recognition of Ms Steffen’s role as the senior specialist dental hygienist in the special needs unit of the Adelaide Dental Hospital; Director of the Community Outreach Dental Programme; and as a clinical tutor and lecturer at the Adelaide Dental  School. We recognise her role at the Dental Outreach Centre, including clinical care of patients, monitoring and mentoring assigned students at the clinic, coordinating volunteer dentists as well as fundraising for the Centre. The Centre provides dental care to patients who are “off the health radar” and attendson a needs basis The Academy applauds the leadership, compassion and hard work she has demonstrated in providing care for the many patients who rely on this service. Full care is provided at the Centre and the responses have been amazing.

To date this year, almost 900 patients have been seen, a figure which is consistently growing. Funding is always a concern, but the Centre has “broken even” over the past two years due to the  support provided by organisations like the Oral Health Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy.


Dr David Digges also gave a presentation on the vital work of the National Dental Foundation. I urge Fellows to visit and support the Foundation.




Emerging Lecturer’s Competition

The third ADA/PFA Emerging Lecturer’s Competition was held on the same day as the Breakfast and I thank the three volunteer and honorary judges, Dr Hugo Sachs, President of the federal ADA, who gave up a significant amount of time during his very busy day to attend. I also thank Dr Dan Castagna for taking part once again (as he did in Melbourne in 2013) and Dr Steven Liew, the nominee of Congress Chairman Dr David Curnow.

They had a tough job separating the five young lecturers who presented excellent and stimulating material in their respective lectures.

The winner of the Competition for 2017 was Dr Yu Yao Teoh whose lecture title was, “Calcium hydroxide in the 21st century”. The PGA Encouragement Award was presented to Dr Alexander Holden for his presentation “The future of dental professionalism in the 21st Century”.

We congratulate all participants and look forward to the next competition in Adelaide in 2019.


  President, Dr Patrick Meaney, thanks the fellows and guests for their attendance.

Brisbane 2015

On Friday, March 27 at 6:30 am, approximately 100 Fellows, partners and guests assembled for the Pierre Fauchard Academy Induction Ceremony and Breakfast. The Australian and New Zealand Dental Association Presidents and CEOs, the Chairman of the Brisbane Australian Dental Association Congress, Australasian President of the Academy of Dentistry International, the President of PFA, Dr Karyn Stockwell, all Region 8 Trustees, and the Inductees, were among the assembly.

Trustees with Dr Stockwell

President Karyn Stockwell gave greetings to all attendees on behalf of the Pierre Fauchard Academy and addressed the assembly,

Dr Richard Sawers

after which Dr. Richard Sawers the President and International Trustee for Region 8 delivered an address.

International President Karyn Stockwell

Pierre Fauchard Academy Breakfast President Dr Sawers and Dr Stockwell

Other guest speakers included Dr David Digges from the National Dental Foundation who spoke on the success of the Dental Rescue Days they had been conducting, with thank you to the Academy for past support and an appeal for help and support from those present.

Dr David Digges

Professor Paul Abbott also spoke about the project financially supported by the PFA in Australasia to train young Cambodian endodontists; several PFA Fellows are assisting this program including Dr Callum Durward, Peter Cathro and Steve Cohn.

Professor Paul Abbott

MC and PFA Secretary Dr Patrick Meaney

Twenty-two new Fellows were inducted by President Karyn Stockwell and she read their pledge. Photographs were taken and disseminated. The new Fellows are: Drs. Kate Amos, Jane Boroky, Craig Brown, Ernest Chan, Jonathan Christo, Gino Cirillo, David Crum, Peter Foltyn, Agnieszka Frydrych, David Hallett, John Hands, William Kahler, Ben     Keith, Carmel Lloyd, Chris Lloyd, Gordon McLean, Mike McGuinness, Gerard Parkinson Christos Pazios, Sam Rosehill and Jocelyn Shand.

22 Inductees for the PFA in Brisbane with PFA Trustees

The following morning, selected young lecturers presented to the Congress audience in front of four judges as part of the Emerging Lecturers Competition. President Stockwell was able to amend her flight bookings to be present for this event. The lecturers were competing for a first prize of $5000, with $1000 for second place. The presentations were excellent and very well received.  The young lecturers participating were Dr. Alexandre du Bois who presented on ‘Immediate Implants – Our Current Understanding, Dr.  Daniel Felman whose topic was ‘Saving Richard III,’ Dr. Anna Meyer who spoke on ‘Buccal Corridors – Fact or Fiction?’, Dr. Jonathan Moore who presented on ‘The Medico Legal Minefield – Keeping Out Of Trouble In Endodontics,’ and Dr. Arosha Weerakoon who spoke on ‘Three Key Concepts That Could Alter The Course Of Our Future.’

The National Emerging Lecturer Award winner was Dr. Daniel Felman, and the second place winner, Dr. Jonathan Moore, received the National Emerging Young Lecturer Encouragement Award. Congratulations to Dr. Felman and Dr. Moore.


Melbourne 2013

Our bi-annual Australasian Region 8 Pierre Fauchard Academy Breakfast Induction Ceremony took place in April on the Friday of the the 35th Australian Dental Congress in Melbourne. Held at the Melbourne Convention Centre with 120 fellows, guests included Dr Karin Alexander, President of the Australian Dental Association Inc, Associate Professor Neil Hewson, Chair of the Local Organising Committee and Pierre Fauchard Academy Inductee and chair of the Melbourne Congress Scientific Committee, Dr Gordon Burt. Former International President Pierre Fauchard Academy, Dr William Winspear, and Australian Section Trustees Dr Rick Sawers, Dr Gerry Clausen, Dr Patrick Meaney, Professor Paul Abbott welcomed Pierre Fauchard Academy International President – Elect Dr Dan Castagna and his wife Debra from San Francisco.

Dr Castagna spoke to the Fellows and Inductees discussed the activities of the Academy and its Foundation. Dr Castagna welcomed the 27 new inductees present (a further 18 were inducted in absentia).
The meeting awarded Honorary Life Membership to Professor Roland Bryant from New South Wales.  Professor Bryant has been a dental academic at the University of Sydney for over 40 years and now shares his time between Charles Sturt University Faculty of Dentistry at Orange and the University of Sydney teaching clinical restorative dentistry. He has devoted an enormous amount  of his life to ensuring that our new graduates develop with the best clinical base and a strong standing in ethics and professional practice.

The Breakfast and Induction immediately preceded an Academy project, the National Emerging Lecturer Competition.  Young dental graduates with an interest in both postgraduate education and a desire to lecture on any number of subjects entered the competition. Six lecturers covered in disciplines included endodontics, orthodontics, prosthodontics and statistical analysis.  Four judges were selected, 2 from the Academy including President-elect Dr Dan Castagna and 2 provided by the Australian Dental Association Inc.  The final announcement was made at the conclusion of the Congress with the winner being Dr Nour Tarraf who gave an outstanding presentation on mini implant screws as a form of orthodontic anchorage. Dr Tarraf was awarded a cheque for $5000 from the Academy and invited to present in the main congress program at the 36th Australian Dental Association Congress in Brisbane on 2015. Encouragement awards were also presented to Dr Danielle Layton, and Dr Kunal Pandya.

The Academy will sponsor the National Emerging Lecturer Program at future Australian Dental Congresses.
The Academy will again convene in conjunction with the Brisbane Congress in 2015.